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About us


             Shanghai Generalfushi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1997, is a integrated solutions Group for refrigeration and heat pump systems, focusing on product development, design, manufacture, sales, installation and After sales service. The group owns two subsidiary corporation of Shanghai First Union Refrigeration and Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.(SFU) and Shanghai First Refrigerating Spetech Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd(SRP). We have five business divisions, Industrial refrigeration focuses on industrial refrigeration, cold storage, industrial energy saving , cryogenic gas liquefaction, and the utilization of waste heat and pressure recovery.Commercial refrigeration Division focuses on large cold storage logistics center, customers for food refrigeration and freezing. Cold chain Division focuses on Hypermarket, Membership shop, Specialty supermarket, Community fresh store and Convenience store etc.. Environmental air condition Division focuses on Modern agriculture, Intelligent industry and special requirement customers. Pressure vessel and Heat Exchanger Division provides full range of heat exchangers and pressure vessels to HVAC company, refrigeration equipment company and Air compressor industry. Our company has professional test laboratories for Compressor units and Display cabinets and Pressure vessels.

            Generalfushi has 62 patents for invention and utility model in the last three years, and therefore all products have been independently developed. Products include not only the full range of industrial refrigeration equipment such as Ammonia Open-type compressor, Freon semi-hermetic compressor, CO2 cascade compressor parallel unit and matching auxiliary products but also the full range of commercial refrigeration products, like multideck, glass door Chiller/Freezer, semi-multideck, island freezer, service case, cake showcase, wine showcase, screw/ recips/ scroll compressors and water cooling/air cooling condenser etc., Otherwise, we have the full range of industrial and commercial heat exchanger such as air coolers and evaporators.

           Generalfushi has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certificates, Construction mechanical and electrical installation License, GC2 Pressure pipeline design License, GC2 Pressure pipeline installation License,Pressure pipe unit manufacture licenseAustralia energy certificate GEMS/MEPS, UL certificate etc.. In recent years, Generalfushi has been awarded High-tech Enterprise, Specialized new Enterprise, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant, Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, High-tech Research and development Center, Shanghai Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise and other honors.

          SFU is a technology-leading refrigeration & heating system solutions provider. Our products cover a full range of Refrigerant compressor unit,Refrigerant comprew-sw-sor unit,Screw brine unit,Screw alcohol unit,Screw ammonia-pump unit,Barrel-pump unit, AdditionallyNH3,Freon,CO2, we offer a full series of industrial and commercial heat exchanger products such as Chillers, Evaporators, etc. We also provide specialized industrial heat recovery equipment such as heat pump units, water vapor compressor units, and expansion electric power generation units.

           SRP focus on heat exchanger and pressure vessel design and manufacture. SRP inherits SFR  technical strength, and has been awarded 27 utility model and invention patents in the past three years. The main products are heating exchanger, evaporator, condenser, liquid receiver, recirculated pump unit and air drying plant etc.. With D Level Pressure vessel design and manufacture license, Pressure piping component manufacture license, ASME certificateNorway Clasification Society DNV-GL certificate ,Japan Clasification Society NK certificate, and Radiation safety license etc., and SRP is High-tech Enterprise.



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