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Company new

Yonghui came to visit our company

         Yonghui Supermarket is one of the first circulation enterprises in mainland China to introduce fresh agricultural products into modern supermarkets. It is praised as the model of "agricultural reform and super" promotion by seven ministries and commissions of the state, and as "people's supermarket and people's Yonghui" by the people.  Yonghui has developed into a large group enterprise with retail industry as its leading, modern logistics as its support, modern agriculture and food industry as its two wings, and industrial development as its foundation.  Yonghui Supermarket adheres to the concept of "integration and sharing" and "competition and cooperative development" to create the blue ocean and prosper the Chinese retail market together with domestic and foreign retail enterprises.  At present in fujian, zhejiang, guangdong, chongqing, guizhou, sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, hebei, anhui, jiangsu, henan, shaanxi, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, shanxi, jiangxi, hubei, hunan, yunnan, guangxi, ningxia and other 24 provinces and cities, more than 830 supermarket chain has developed business area of more than 6 million square meters,  In 2017, it ranked top 6 of China's top 100 chain enterprises and Top 4 of China's Top 100 FAST consumer goods chains.  

           During the inspection period, they went to the grass-roots level, communicated with the workshop masters cordially, consulted the engineers modestly, and understood certain product knowledge. Through more professional courseware training in various aspects, they had a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of the technology, process quality, high efficiency and energy saving, maintenance and maintenance of the company's products.  They all said that the investigation study achieved the expected effect, a week after the successful completion of the investigation study task.  



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